The organizational team includes the Organizing Committee and the Department of Youth and Sports of the Lviv City Council. Competitions are held with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine. The competition is managed directly by a chief panel of judges approved by the Triathlon Federation upon submission of a panel of judges.

The members of the panel of judges and coaches/representatives of participating teams are responsible for compliance with competition and safety regulations.


Participation is open to regional and Kyiv teams, members of sports schools, sports clubs and amateurs who have an appropriate level of physical fitness. All athletes wishing to take part in these competitions are required to register at and pay the entry fee. The main race (Olympic distance triathlon for the Lviv Open Cup) is limited to 300 athletes.

Each competitor shall have a sports uniform, a helmet, a bicycle (a bike form that meets ITU competition rules), and other sports equipment required for triathlon competitions in compliance with the competition regulations approved by the Triathlon Federation.

  • passport or birth certificate,
  • insurance policy,
  • doctor’s certificate or application,
  • Federation license – submitted to the Mandate Commission on the day of registration.

Each participant shall be personally responsible for compliance with competition and safety regulations. When applying for these competitions, athletes shall be healthy and physically fit and aware of the responsibility and risks involved in participating in such competitions. Competitors shall enter into an agreement stipulating that the Lviv Regional Triathlon Federation and the Organizing Committee are not liable for any accidents that might occur during the competition by signing a letter of consent containing risk warnings and a disclaimer.


Participants and teams are included in the lists of registered competitors only after the entry fee has been fully paid (see above-mentioned link).   

Entry fee for individual participation in the Olympic distance triathlon (swimming 1500 m / cycling 40 km / running 10 km) in the AMATEUR category shall be as follows: between 01/01/2020 to 01/07/2020 – 1000 UAH, from 02/07/2020 to 06/09/2020 – 1,500 UAH.

Entry fee for team participation (relay race) shall be as follows: between 01/01/2020 to 07/01/2020 – 2,000 UAH, from 02/07/2020 to 06/09/2020 – 2,700 UAH.

Entry fee for individual participation in the SPRINTING DISTANCE (swimming 500 m / cycling 10 km / running 3 km) shall be as follows: between 01/01/2020 to 01/07/2020 – 500 UAH, from 02/07/2020 to 06/09/2020 – 750 UAH.

Entry fee for athletes participating in the Finals Cup of Ukraine in the PRO category shall be as follows: between 01.01.2020 to 1.07.2020 – 800 UAH, from 02.07.2020 to 06.09.2020 – 1000 UAH,​ The entry fee for members of the Triathlon Federation of Ukraine is determined in compliance with the resolution of the Triathlon Federation of Ukraine.

Payment of the entry fee entitles participants to:

  • 2 backpacks/packets;
  • swimming cap for the swimming segment;
  • electronic chip;
  • participant T-shirt;
  • numbers/stickers;
  • finisher medal;
  • food and water during race;
  • meal after the race; safety during the race;
  • medical support;
  • electronic finisher diploma.

A team of judges will be in charge of timing using a chip timing system. The race results will be available within 24 hours of the end of the race.

ATTENTION! A fine of 500 UAH will be imposed for any non-returned electronic chips.

There will be a time limit for all competitions (for the last team of starters):

  • Swimming – 50min;
  • Swimming + Cycling – 2hrs 20min;
  • Running – All athletes entering the running segment will be given the opportunity to finish the race.

Athletes who fail to meet the time limit shall be disqualified.


Team races (relay race) – each team member is required to complete a segment of the race:

  • Swimmer – 1,500 m swimming distance;
  • Cyclist – 40 km cycling distance;
  • Runner – 10 km running distance.

Team members will pass the relay to fellow team members in the transition area. The team member completing his segment enters the transition area, where they pass the relay to the next team member.


List of Age Groups:

  • PRO Group. Age is not limited. The winner will be awarded the Finals Cup of Ukraine. Distance: 1,500 m swimming + 40 km cycling + 10 km running;
  • AMATEUR Group. Age: 18 – 29 years, 30 – 39 years, 40 – 49 years, 50 – 59 years, 60 years and older. SPRINTING DISTANCE: 500 m swimming + 12 km cycling + 3 km running;
  • YOUTH Group+. Age: born in 2005 or later.